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There are many valid reasons for buying American-made clothing. You’ll have to take the time to look at a label, you’ll need to do some research online, you’ll need to become familiar with clothing manufacturers in the USA, and you’ll have to be willing to pay a little extra. Here are some things you should consider when deciding whether you’re going to buy clothing made in the USA.

Reasons to Buy Clothing Made in the United States

You find a dress you like on a shelf, so you buy it. Should you care where a piece of clothing was made? Here are a few things to consider:

·         Workers: If a garment was made in the USA, you know the workers were paid a minimum wage and were provided a safe workplace. Many countries, like Mexico and China, do not have laws requiring a certain wage or providing safe working conditions for employees.

·         Jobs: The fewer garments consumers purchase that are made in the USA, the more likely jobs will move to other countries. If American factories can’t sell their garments, they’ll either close or move operations to another country.

·         Environment: Manufacturing processes in the United States are more regulated than in other countries. Other countries allow manufacturers to pollute the air and damage the environment.

·         Economy: When American factories succeed, it benefits the economy. The factories hire more workers, expand their facilities, hire construction firms, buy building materials, and hire architects and accountants.

Finding Clothing Made in the USA

Purchasing clothing made in the USA may take some effort. You’re not going to find a rack with a “Made in the USA” sign on it. Asking a sales associate which items were made in the USA isn’t the answer. You can look at the label, but you’ll likely find a tag stating the item was made in another country, like China, Mexico, or Taiwan. Keep in mind a label stating that a product was “assembled” or “designed” in the USA doesn’t necessarily mean it was made in the USA.

Shopping online makes buying clothing made in the USA easier.  Armed with information from your research, you can be a smarter shopper from the shelf or when you do your shopping online.

If shopping online, you may find the words “Made in the USA” in an advertisement or on a website but check carefully because only some, not all, items will be made in this country. For example, you may have to read the details about each shoe to see where it was made.

Paying Extra

You may have to pay more if you buy clothing made in the USA, rather than in some other countries. The higher price is a reflection of American factories paying employees more and complying with state and federal regulations. Although you may be spending more, you’ll know that you’re helping USA workers keep their jobs and sending a message that you care how workers in garment factories are treated in other countries. Learn American manufacturers and be selective in what you buy. You may find yourself buying less but getting clothing that lasts longer.

If you’re looking for a garment manufacturing company in the United States, contact Apparel Production Incorporated at 212-278-8362. The New York manufacturer has worked with such brands as Theory, rag & bone, Helmut Lang, and Veronica Beard.