Garment Manufacturing Services

Serving as the largest domestic and overseas garment manufacturer in New York City.

Garment Production Services

Utilizing our in-house facility, we handle all garment production domestically, from initial design & sketch-ups to re-sizings to mass retail production.

Our extensive manufacturing network overseas allows us to accept larger projects and cater to more clothing companies. Apparel Production has the capacity and skills to handle the requirements of high-end fashion labels, from the intricacy of their designs or the volume of garments they need. We guarantee first-rate and low-cost production and shipment for all private label produced garments.

Aside from meeting your demands and expectations, we aim to build a long-lasting partnership with local and global clothing brands. We focus on maintaining quality and consistency to help strengthen brands and build reputations.


We only will do patterns and samples for confirmed production orders that meet our minimums.
If you just need a pattern and sample for internet advertising or for selling purposes it would be best for you to find a reputable pattern and sample room online since we only make patterns and samples for orders that will meet our minimum quantities as listed.

Garment Capabilities

Skirts / Pants
Hoodies / Joggers / Loungewear
Coats & Outerwear
Suits / Trousers / Sports Jackets

Minimum Order Quantity

Our minimum quantity orders are 300 units domestically and 500 units for overseas orders.
This varies on the garment and project.

Garment Manufacturing solutions for Established Brands.

We offer full packaged solutions from start to finish for mass production, or individual services based off our client's needs.

Pattern Making & Sizing

In-house pattern making, marking and grading, and first pattern production.

Research & Development

Offering both domestic and overseas R&D to ensure production consistency.

Road & Show Sample

All garment development is created domestically at our in-house facility, located in NYC.

Full Private Label Production

We have the capacity and skills to service the requirements of high-end fashion and high-volume clients.

Quality Control & Compliance

We have two on-site teams, domestic and offshore who are committed to providing the highest quality, and compliance.

Domestic & Overseas Production

Our large manufacturing network allows us to offer full production packages, domestically and overseas, to include LDP.

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