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Fabric Sourcing, Cut & Sew, Trims, Freight, Duty, Tariff

At Apparel Production, we offer a comprehensive range of services for full garment production, including fabric sourcing, cut and sew, trims, freight, duty and tariff. Our manufacturing network, both domestic and overseas, allows us to accept larger projects at reduced prices, catering to a wide range of clothing brands. Whether you’re a high-end fashion brand or a high-volume client, we have the capacity and skills to service your requirements quickly and efficiently.

We specialize in individual styles as well as entire collections. Our domestic production helps brands to reduce turnaround times and meet upcoming season deadlines. Our extensive network of production facilities and resource/fabric connections gives us the capabilities to manufacture styles other factories are not confident in producing. With our process built around quality control, each style is guaranteed to meet our client’s expectations.

Our NYC factory handles the fabric sourcing, cut and sew, trims, and freight. We also deal with the duty and tariff for our clients. Our on-site quality control teams ensure that every garment is made to the highest standards before it is sent to our overseas or domestic production facilities for mass production. We make and fit everything in our NYC factory, then manufacture either overseas or in the USA.

We make and fit everything in our NYC factory, then manufacture either overseas or in the USA. 

Garment Capabilities

Skirts / Pants
Hoodies / Joggers / Loungewear
Coats & Outerwear
Suits / Trousers / Sports Jackets
And many more...


Knits / Wovens
Organic / Recycled / Sustainable / Vegan
Silk / Faux Silk
Fur / Faux Fur
Leather / Faux Leather
Wool / Cotton / Cotton blends
Polyester blends
Fleece / French Terry
And many more…

Improve Margins & Reduce Overhead

Increase margins and reduce overhead by utilizing our vertically operated services: 

  • In-House Patterns
  • Marking & Grading
  • On-Site Resizing
  • Research & Development
  • Certified Quality Control
  • Direct factory to consumer

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