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**Due to production demands beyond our control and limited pattern makers, we are instituting the following policy:

We only will do patterns and samples for confirmed production orders that meet our minimums.

If you just need a pattern and sample for internet advertising or for selling purposes it would be best for you to google pattern and sample room since we only make patterns and samples for orders that will meet our minimum quantities as listed below.

We specialize in the outstanding production of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. Backed by more than 70 years of experience, our pattern makers have an eye for quality and keen attention to detail. All styles are hand-made, checked for quality, and guaranteed to meet our client’s sizing measurements. 

The first pattern can be made in sub-fabric, sub-trim, and muslins for the first fitting. Patterns are created in NYC and are measured against the spec-sheet before cutting. Later, they can be sent overseas for mass production. The cost of the first pattern gets rebated if it meets our MOQ for both domestic and overseas production

The cost of 1st pattern gets rebated or applied to your total purchase order meeting our MOQs of 200 domestic per style and 400 overseas per style for all units. We will only work with brands and companies that can meet our MOQs.

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