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If you work in the garment industry, then you can appreciate the importance that PPC departments play in making sure a product is manufactured and shipped within the time required with as little waste as possible. Production planning and control is instrumental in ensuring orders are shipped in a timely manner, and in guaranteeing as best as possible that the machineries and supplies are available for every style and order as they become necessary. Here are just a few of the ways clothing factories in the USA can get the most out of their PPC departments.

The Value of Time and Action

PPC departments allow manufacturers to prepare far in advance to meet orders, allowing them plenty of flexibility to adjust as shipping dates approach. Utilizing a Time and Action (T&A) calendar, PPC departments can schedule every step in the manufacturing process, from the receipt of the order all the way until the product is shipped. Knowing far in advance exactly what kinds of raw materials are required, allows a manufacturer to estimate the costs of every item based on spec sheets and sample products.

Pattern Planning and Making

Besides the allocation of resources, the grading and making of patterns is one of the most important and potentially costly elements of manufacturing. In order to properly estimate the hurdles and expenses that come with a pattern, PPC departments need to properly analyze the requirements of each style being ordered so they can calculate the amount of fabric that will be needed to complete each order. Once they have an estimate of the required yield, they’ll need to speak with suppliers to see whether additional time is necessary for washing and drying the fabric, as this needs to be accounted for before scheduling delivery.

The Manufacturing Process

For domestic production, PPC departments need to determine which American clothing factory best suits their company’s needs. Production planners are experts in the pros and cons of various factories and markets throughout the country, and which ones are most suited for different types of products. In addition to finding the right location, planners must estimate each factory’s daily production, using the style of the garment to estimate the production rate and cost per piece. Since production costs can spiral out of control if everything isn’t carefully tracked and accounted for, PPC departments must rigorously monitor each vendor as well as fluctuations in the prices of different raw materials to ensure that every expense in the production process is accounted for.

Timely Shipments

PPC departments must see the completion of each order all the way through to the end. Failing to ensure timely delivery of a product can waste all the effective planning leading up to that point and put future orders at risk.

With so many factors to consider in the garment industry, product planning and control is crucial in making sure your clothing can make it to market as efficiently and with as few headaches as possible. If you want to take advantage of all the benefits that are possible when working with experienced PPC departments, contact the experts at Apparel Production Inc. Don’t delay before rolling out your next product. Call today!