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When you’re trying to make an expensive purchase, bargaining might be in mind. You’ll find that there are several effective ways of negotiating with wholesale clothing suppliers in New York. Most people don’t try to get a lower price out of fear of being told no, but it’s easier than you might think.

Build a Relationship with Your Supplier

The first step toward getting better prices from your supplier is to build some sort of relationship with them. Instead of being viewed as just another customer, you want to be viewed as a friend, or even their favorite customer. Make it a point to speak to them on the phone rather than only through emails. Ask them how they’re doing, and make them realize that you know and appreciate the fact that there is another human being on the other end of this transaction. Negotiating is all about asking. It’s a lot easier to say yes to someone if you like them.

Be a Good Customer

When you’re trying to buy products, strive to be the sort of buyer that you would want to serve happily. Every business has a handful of customers that they truly don’t like dealing with. Make sure that you aren’t one of those customers. Think about the types of people that you enjoy doing business with, then aim to make yourself more like them.

Always Pay on Time

Paying your supplier may seem like one of the easiest and most obvious things you need to do, but some people seem to forget that. It’s important that you always pay your supplier within a timely fashion from the initial order placement. Some wholesale suppliers even offer discounts to buyers that pay early. Getting a discount just for paying on time is one of the easiest ways to negotiate for a lower price—you don’t even have to ask! When you make your payment early or on time, you’re always viewed as someone who pays upfront, thus creating a customer that the company will want to do repeated business with. Some new companies will demand cash up-front for their products, so make sure that you realize before the transaction what you are getting yourself into. Once you make payments immediately and show the business that you can move their products and come back for more, they will be more willing to give you credit.

Don’t Forget to Ask

The only way you’re going to negotiate on a lower price is if you ask for a lower price. Before you begin demanding lower prices, prepare what you’re going to say. You don’t want to damage your relationship by making attempts to negotiate. Try to state how long you’ve been with the supplier, that you’ve always paid on time, and stress how frequently you make your orders.