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We believe that an important part of being a consumer means knowing how you’re getting the goods that you’re buying and where they stop along the way. That way you can do your research on all companies involved in the process and make sure they’re people you want to be giving your business to. Two of the main parts of the clothing business are manufacturing and distribution. In case you want to know more about distributors and clothing manufacturers in New York City, here’s a quick rundown.

Clothing Manufacturers

Clothing manufacturing companies in New York City (and other places) are primarily responsible for making the clothes. They work closely with designers, whether they are recognized names or independent artists, and try to make their clothing designs a reality. They buy the materials for the clothing, make the patterns, and cut and assemble the different components needed to make the clothes. There are many types of materials that they may use, but more and more, manufacturers are trying to use eco-friendly materials and environmentally sustainable practices during the manufacturing process. These are two areas to look into if you’re trying to shop responsibly. The manufacturer should strive to use natural or recycled materials as much as possible and avoid using harmful substances like many chemicals.

Clothing Distributers

After clothing manufacturers in New York City create their goods, clothing distributors come in for the next stage. The distributor places large orders with the manufacturer and gets those clothes into the hands of the consumers. In some rare instances, they will sell directly to certain customers, but more often, they sell to the retail stores where users shop. Since they buy in bulk and sell smaller quantities of clothes, they’re able to charge more per item. The manufacturers try to select distributors with good reputations since they want their products in prominent locations so the clothes can be easily found and purchased. They also don’t want the clothes marked up too high to maintain demand for that clothing, which is another reason good distributors are important to the process.