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What’s the biggest event of the year? You are probably thinking of major holiday celebrations or your own special vacations or events. For the fashion world, it is the release and review of top designers’ new lines of clothing, many on the fashion runways of Paris.

For many years, these products were only available to those few who could spend thousands of dollars on one dress. Fortunately for consumers, apparel manufacturing in New York city is making designer wholesale clothing in New York a reality. Here are some advantages of wholesale designer clothing markets:

  • For the designer, their creations are no longer limited to one item sold to one person. Wholesale production means retail markets and an additional income stream for the designer.
  • For the designer, by selling their designs to the wholesalers and then the public, their name becomes familiar, creating greater sales to consumers.
  • For the consumer, designer clothing becomes accessible in location and cost.
  • For the consumer, higher quality clothing is readily available in major department stores and major cities.
  • For the economy, apparel manufacturers and distributors create additional revenue streams, which stimulates jobs creation.

The Paris runway unveiling of this year’s designer lines will continue to be an event for many who watch the fashion industry. As outlined above, by offering their designs through wholesale manufacturing and distribution, the designers have created a new market of those acutely interested in this year’s apparel. The field of those who have a personal stake in manufacturing, distribution, and retail sales has grown considerably.

Another subset of the population, who are also significantly impacted by the wholesale manufacturing and distribution of designer clothing, are marketers. Marketing is integral to all steps in the process of getting the apparel into the hands of the consumer. The marketing industry begins with the designer, the runway unveiling, the wholesale manufacturers, the distributors, and the retail industries to finally put the clothing into the hands of the consumers.