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One of the offshoots of recent political events is a push to bring manufacturing back into the USA. There are a lot of reasons for that, but in addition to them, there are several really valid reasons why buying from clothing factories in the USA is a worthy investment. Here are a few of them.

Better Quality

The United States has a ton of regulations that govern everything from materials used to labor practices to the quality of the manufacturing. If you worry about the materials used in foreign countries to make clothes, America’s rules are for you. Plus, custom clothing manufacturers tend to have their own standards of quality control and assurance. Additionally, if your clothes are not to your liking, they generally have a return policy that is more generous than stores that sell clothes not made in the USA.

A Clean Conscience

Since the late 1990’s and investigative reports that highlighted sweatshops in developing countries, the working conditions of those who make clothes has been important to consumers. Most companies that ran sweatshops promised to clean up. One place that did not have to go through any of that: America. Our labor laws are such that abusing workers like what happens occasionally in developing nations, almost never happens. You conscience can be clean by purchasing from clothing manufacturers in the USA.

Quicker Delivery

Even if you have to special order in the USA, it is quicker than special ordering from China or a developing country. Plus, you do not have to have a representative located near your manufacturer if you buy in the USA. In a foreign country, you have to have at least a few employees to help make sure you get what you want in the timeframe you want it.

Smaller Quantities

With most US clothing manufacturers, you can order much smaller quantities than if you order overseas, both in terms of return on investment and actual order size.

Then there is that “warm-fuzzy” you get from knowing your orders with clothing factories in the USA helped employ an American worker. That is not the only advantage, but it is not insignificant.