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Do you ever wonder how big clothing brands can come up with new designs and quickly fill their shops every season? The process of clothing manufacturing in New York City is one of the largest industries. Skillful artists create a range of fashionable clothing for clients. Here are steps involved in clothing production in New York:

Clothing Specifications and Quotes

Wholesale clothing manufacturers require you to furnish them with full details, quantity, and special instructions for the designs you want, known as tech packs. Make sure to give them all the details you want in your designs. The more accurate your descriptions and specifications are, the better.

Planning and Laying the Groundwork

You’ll be given a timeline for the processes of drafting and purchasing after you accept an initial quote. Prices and designs can undergo final negotiations during this stage, and a contract seals the agreement. Some manufacturers will require you to pay an initial down payment.

Sourcing Materials

Materials are sourced out during this stage, which includes printing and curing the fabrics, preparing the hardware, tags, and shipping. Wholesale clothing manufacturers will stick with your tech pack to keep your costs according to budget. This stage can take longer if the fabric or hardware you want requires special treatment or needs to be produced or sourced out elsewhere because it’s out of stock.

Patterns, Grading, and Samples

Manufacturers will draft patterns in increments to make a range of sizes for your patterns. Then, they’ll make samples of the different sizes before batch production starts. They might ask you to pay for the “samples,” but the upside is you can already inspect the actual products at this point. Send back the items for alteration or approval. Notify immediately for changes.

Batch Manufacturing

At this stage, you can no longer change your designs. At this stage, manufacturers perform the actual clothing production as well as post-production processes (shrinking, printing, attaching hardware, labeling, and more). Some manufacturers create a small batch before mass manufacturing, but the process is the same.

Packing and Shipping

Most manufacturers use sea freight for large quantities of merchandise. However, clothing manufacturers may use air or ground shipping, if applicable. Prepare to pay for customs duties and insurance in case you opted for sea or air freight.