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Fashion lets you express yourself and your unique personality, so how you dress tells people a lot about you. Whether you wear trendy clothing that was made in New York City, or designer wholesale clothing from New York, high-end stores, your clothes project your individual personality, with their color, style, and fit.

Bright Colors

Brighter clothing is warm and vibrant. For example, wearing yellow can project positivity. It’s the color of sunshine, making you seem happy and optimistic. Red, on the other hand, is a sensual color. It projects vitality. Some studies have shown that people appear more attractive in red than in other colors. Regardless of the hue, bright colors signify a bright person, a mover and shaker who isn’t afraid to stand out of the crowd.

Dark Colors

You can never go wrong with basic black. Black is a classy color that matches everything. It’s the shade of tuxedos and cocktail dresses. It’s also the color of leather jackets and distressed jeans. In both cases, it’s serious and urban. If you wear black, you don’t want to make waves. Dark colors are always traditional, elegant, and sophisticated. You embody these traits when you wear it.

Designer Labels

Designer labels project wealth. If you follow the world of fashion, then you can recognize a designer logo on a shirt or a suit with ease. The wholesale apparel manufacturers of New York have worked hard to make it so. The opulent nature of these brands is well-known, and consumers equate these brands with affluence and prosperity. If you’re looking to project that you live a life of carefree luxury, designer clothing is the way to do it.

Tight Fit

Tight clothing in men conveys masculinity, more so than loose clothes, like baggy jeans or sweatpants. Certainly, clothing should never be too tight. A shirt that’s splitting its seams or buttons that are about to pop will not project the competence desired. But, a well-tailored suit or a snug shirt can project confidence and vitality.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in your clothing. Fashion allows us to be unique. With these tips in mind, you can express yourself in whatever way you see fit day to day. Whether you’re feeling vivacious, brooding, classy, or casual, there’s a clothing color or style that will help you express it to the world.

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