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Established 1947

75 Years of Apparel Manufacturing Excellence in New York City

An esteemed, family-run clothing manufacturing facility and design studio with a rich history spanning decades in crafting high-quality garments for both local and global markets.

Family Owned and Operated

The Sadaka family is from a lineage of well-established garment manufacturers. Apparel Production was originally established in 1947. Teddy, the CEO, worked in the family business throughout his early ages and throughout college. He became a partner in the family garment manufacturing business and operated the factory until 1987. Teddy ended up leaving his family business to become Vice President of Manufacturing at Leslie Fay (Breckenridge) and later served as Vice President of Manufacturing at Emanuel Ungaro, a division of GFT, the world’s largest manufacturer of designer clothing at the time. After his experience of working in the corporate environment, Teddy realized he would prefer to work directly with creators & brands to create a product that meets the expectations of quality. Teddy continues to work hard to build on his family’s legacy.

A Proud Member of NYC's Garment District

Apparel Production serves as New York City’s leading garment manufacturer and supplier. Apparel has been a staple of New York City’s Garment Center for over 75 years, working with highly-established brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Kenneth Cole. Teddy describes his business as a resource that helps designers and brands develop their vision and provides them with top-quality products and consistently perfect fit. Our services offer a complete solution to prepare Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s garments for custom large-scale manufacturing and production. All garments are fitted and sampled in our N.Y.C studio, with domestic and international production available.

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75 Years of Garment Manufacturing

A reputable manufacturer with a track record of success.

Domestic & Overseas

Offering both Domestic and International manufacturing options for our clients.

Private Label

We provide full private label production in-house from start to finish, from first samples to shipping.

Quick Turnarounds

Our extensive manufacturing network and scale allows for quicker production times and improved margins.

Quality Control

We have two teams, domestic and offshore, committed to providing the highest quality and compliance.

Notes From All Over

Teddy and Karen Sadaka, the co-owners of Apparel Production, briefly discuss their history and experience in the garment manufacturing industry and how the push for overseas production has impacted the New York City garment district.

Trusted by High-End Fashion Labels

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