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You want to be patriotic and buy clothing made in the USA, but more than that, you want the best quality your money can buy. Sometimes it can be difficult to find an article of clothing with a label that says Made in the USA. During the 1960s, about 95 percent of apparel worn in the U.S. was made here. After years of bad trade agreements and recessions, 97 percent of apparel was made overseas. Due to the decline in capital and a qualified workforce, many companies sent their business off-shore.

There is a resurgence of American-made products in recent years, and more to come with improved trade agreements between the USA and other countries. There are well over 100,000 textile mills throughout the United States. The fabrics turned out range from cotton, wool, silk, and other natural fibers, to a gamut of synthetic fabrics. Designer wholesale clothing companies have a multitude of American-made fabrics to choose from.

Skills Required in the Work Force

With the growing economy, new apparel manufacturing companies are beginning to spring up across the country. Finding qualified workers is difficult. With minimal capital, new businesses are getting started by selling their apparel on the Internet, then expanding to a brick-and-motor store. American workers need to rise to the challenge and learn the technical skills needed for the future of manufacturing. Lasers are being used to precisely cut out stacks of patterns. With the use of robots, sewing automation has been used to takeover certain steps, such as sewing trouser pockets, but workers are still needed to sew the pieces together.

American-Made Products Keep Jobs in America

Even though manufacturing in America is still struggling, it’s outpacing other advanced nations. Quality matters, and many people who choose to buy American-made often do so even though the price might be a little higher than a similar foreign-made article. The clothing wholesale suppliers in New York, who sell only quality American-made apparel to outlet stores, know the latest trends and what the people want. The stores who sell only American-made apparel to customers know that if they display the virtues that self-conscious buyers appreciate, such as going green or donating portions of profits to the needy, they will win the loyalty of the consumers.

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