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Professional Photography Services
  • Product Photographs & E-commerce Photography
  • Lookbooks & Linesheets
  • Model Shots & Lifestyle Photography
  • Brand Placement & Social Media Content
  • Campaign Shoots & Editorial Photography
  • Video Production & 360-Degree Product Photography
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Equipment Provided:

  • Paper backdrops
  • Two Paul C Buff Einstein Strobe Lights w/ universal trigger
  • Three RGB LED light panels
  • One bi-color LED monolight
  • Softboxes, reflectors, umbrellas, dishes
  • Projector
  • On-camera lumecube
  • Pocket haze machine
  • C stands + light stands
  • Wall-mounted paper backdrop setup + stand-alone backdrop stand
  • A clamps, C clamps, gaffer tape, sandbags
  • Tripod
  • Two syncable Bluetooth speakers
  • Blackout curtains
Space Details:

  • Lounge area with sofa, chairs, coffee table, mini fridge
  • Makeup table
  • Director’s chairs
  • Garment rack
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Is there a freight elevator for equipment?

Yes, we have a freight elevator accessible during building hours and lobby elevators available all day.

Is there parking?

There isn’t a designated lot or garage for our building. However, there is plenty of garages in the immediate area and the studio is within walking distance from both Penn Station and Port Authority.

Can we use the space for other production needs such as interviews or videos?

The space can be used for all production needs! Interviews and videos have both taken place in the studio. But, keep in mind our studio is primarily formatted as a photo studio in terms of layout and equipment provided.

Can we rent the full studio without a photographer?

Yes! We have our own equipment for your use and our photographer, Ryan, is available to be booked. However, feel free to rent the space and bring your own equipment/personnel.